Who we are

We are a young association – founded by eight young people who want to to engage in voluntary activities. We grew up with Internet, computers and smartphones and have also acquired advanced skills. We want to share our knowledge with people who are insecure in dealing with “new technology” and the digital world.
The headquarter of the association is in Bielefeld.

Little Nights is founded by:


  • Idea, Concept design, Technical consultancy
    Arash Haghani
    1. Chairman
    Organisational, Social media, Press contact
    Mariana Rott
    2. Chairman
    Board member, Technical consultancy
    Enrico Schelb
    Finance (Treasurer)
    Social media, Concept design
    Almut Ranft
    Technical consultancy
    Frank Rott
    Finance (Financial review)
    Legal advisor
    Katharina Rott
    Thomas Varchmin
    Former member